Bailar Latino the first game in the Bailar Latino series.

Bailar Latino
Released: May 28, 2015
System(s): Wii U, Xbox One
Succeeded by: Bailar Latino 2

Tracklist Edit

The game includes 13 tracks

Song Artist Year Mode
DD The Fast Food Crew 2000 Duet
Invader Zim Gir 2001 Solo
Hatsune Miku Dance Not Just Dance 2016 Solo
Saxxx Drems Lady Gags 2013 Solo
STARFIRE SONGS Teen Titans Go! 2015 Solo
Coca Cola Advertisement Coca Cola 2015 Dance Crew
Habits (Stay High) Tove Lo 2014 Solo
F*** You Just Dance Bailar Latino Staff 2015 Solo
Chinese Food Alison Gold 2013 Duet
Horror Pop Marina and the Diamonds 2009 Solo
Tight Pants (Body Rolls) Leslie Hall 2010 Dance Crew
Just Dance Lady Gaga (Covered by Bailar Latino Staff) 2009 Duet
See You Later! Credits Crew! 2015 Solo